IMG_0149Along the shores of Lake Burley Griffin, on the promenade between the National Science Centre (Questacon) and the High Court, flanking Commonwealth Place, you will find the International Flag Display. These 96 flags are dedicated to the United Nations and represent every country with which Australia has diplomatic relations. They are flown 24 hours a day and are lit at night.

Secret: Flags can often create a sense of festivity and celebration when flown en masse. In Canberra, we often witness flags being flown for a number of reasons. Festivals are an important part of the Canberra calendar so it is not unusual to see flags unfurled at certain times during the year, particularly along Commonwealth Avenue. On the occasion of visiting Heads of State, their country’s flag is flown. Flags are also flown to mark special days on the international and Australian calendar.

keyTo work out which country the flag belongs to, just look at the inscriptions at the base of each flagpole.

keyBring your international visitors to the international flags and have their photo taken with their country’s flag.