At the apex of two stonewalls stands a dome-shaped pavilion surrounded by a brass ring inscribed with text from the Magna Carta. Magna Carta Place is to the west of Old Parliament House. It celebrates the sealing of the Magna Carta 800 years ago, in Runnymeade, by King John 1. The Magna Carta is the foundation of our legal system and basis of our constitutional principles.

Magna Carta Place is befittingly located on Langton Crescent, named after Stephen Langton, 13th century Archbishop of Canterbury who was an activist for the protection of the people. His efforts resulted in the signing of the Magna Carta establishing an ordered freedom throughout the land.

Magna Carta Place
Langton Crescent, Parkes

keyA sealed copy of the Magna Carta dated 1297, one of only four known originals, can be seen on display at Parliament House.

keyA sealed time capsule was installed in Magna Carta Place during 2001 as part of the Centenary of Federation celebrations. Containing newspaper articles about the arrival in Australia of the original Magna Carta, special coins minted for the Centenary of Federation, and messages from the Prime Minister and all State and Territory leaders it is to be opened during the Bicentenary of Federation in 2101.