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New to Canberra, visiting for a short time, or here for work and need to get some city perspective?Welcome to Canberra!
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Welcome to Canberra!

Tours created just for you. 

Tell us what you need to see, or know, and we  will help solve your relocating problems. Welcome to Canberra!


Canberra is consistently rated as Australia’s most liveable city and was ranked Lonely Planet’s third best city in the world to visit in 2018. We’ll show you how to tap into local culture, how the city ticks, and discover what’s around and where to find things.

Based on decades of research for the books, ‘Canberra secrets’, and regular local radio and television segments, we can devise half or full day itineraries to showcase Canberra and it’s quality of life. There’s so much to see, do, explore and enjoy in Canberra.

We’ll share a local’s perspective on where to live, transport options, work-life balance and things to do to help you settle in quickly so you can kick back and enjoy your new city to the full.

 Give us your wishlist — we can include special interests such as: guided tours through our national attractions, local history, galleries tucked in the suburbs, flora and fauna, shopping secrets, Canberra’s thriving cafe and restaurant culture, architecture, local produce and producers including craft beers, gins and Canberra district wines and more.

 Our Welcome to Canberra Orientation Tours are ideal for defence, academic or diplomatic personnel, and their partners and families being transferred to the capital. If you are contemplating a move to Canberra, on a short-term visit, or have just relocated here, a Welcome to Canberra Orientation Tour will ease you into the lifestyle locals know and love.

A personalised Welcome to Canberra Orientation Tour can also make a great gift for your staff or clients:
  • To welcome to a new staff member or the visiting corporate executive
  • As a reward, or thank you for a job well done
  • As a team experience to discover some fabulous ‘Canberra secrets’
  • As a kind gift for a visiting interstate colleague
  • For that special client to be able to experience the Canberra wow factor that the locals know and love.

With Canberra’s cafes and restaurants offering great choice, morning tea and lunch could be included at popular stops along the way.

All tours include:

  • Pre-tour discussion to clarify your interests and Welcome to Canberra Orientation Tour objectives
  • Research, tour development and all bookings as necessary
  • Morning tea and/or lunch as required
  • Hotel or designated pick up
  • Full guiding services
  • Enjoyable and informed comment   
What You Should Bring
Wear comfortable shoes
Wear sunscreen
Be ready for some fun!

Hosted by Canberra’s Leading Expert

marg wadeMarg Wade is recognised as the leading expert in the national capital and the surrounding area. A regular on local radio and bestselling author of ‘Canberra Secrets’ the definitive book on the capital, now in its third edition.


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