Head to the southern side of the National Gallery to experience Skyspace. This wonderful installation by James Turrell, is open 24 hours a day and sits within the Australian native garden.

This is a very popular artwork and is known to the locals as a romantic place for a tryst. But beware, you’ll be on camera!

The lush green grass and still water provide the perfect entree to prepare you to experience the stillness within. The natural light show contrasting the light within the chamber to the changing light outside, especially at dawn and dusk each day, is like watching an artist at work, particularly as the moving clouds are captured within the skycap lens.

Light cycle times are published on the National Gallery website. But anytime is good – especially when the sky is clear. My visiting Asian friends just love to see the stars there at night!

Get a few friends together and sing a few notes in there. The acoustics make anything sound fantastic.

Alternatively, sit quietly and look up as nature crafts its stunning images above you. This is a beautiful thing to experience, it leaves you feeling wonderfully relaxed.

Some visitors from the US were so taken by Skyspace that they built replicas on their own properties.

Skyspace is also a lovely spot for special occasion photos – such as weddings.