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Canberra Secrets tours will be starting up again soon. For your safety and convenience, we will only be offering private tours. Please contact us for more information.

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Canberra Highlights Tour

Showcasing Canberra’s attractions and the city sights — in these Canberra tours you’ll discover the ‘secrets’ and quirky stories that unlock Canberra’s soul.

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Custom Tours

Let us create the perfect Canberra tour for you. An exclusive personalised, private tour taking you to the things that interest you most, within Canberra and the region.

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Conference Tours

Tailored tours to suit your delegates’ interests and conference timeframe.

We love being creative and crafting the perfect Canberra experience for you.

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Customised Tours

It All Started With a Book

Marg Wade has a passion for Canberra. The author of three top-selling editions of Canberra’s Secrets (1999, 2003 and 2018). An authoritative guide book that highlights the history and lesser-known curiosities behind the city.

Marg has worked in media and communications roles within Canberra’s cultural attractions and environment sector, researching and promoting Canberra on radio, television and in print.

For two decades, Marg showed visiting family, friends and international colleagues around Canberra before launching her award-winning Canberra Secrets Customised Tours in 2017. 

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