By Margaret Wade

Canberra Secrets

Your Guide To The Capital

Your ‘go-to’ guide to Canberra for residents and visitors. Updated to include the latest things to see, do, explore and enjoy in and around the city, with a dash of history thrown in.

Hundreds of secrets divulged in the city and beyond:
✓ iconic national attractions
✓ unique Aboriginal and European heritage
✓ adventures, walks and jaunts
✓ nature and wildlife
✓ festivals and events
✓ food and wine

Best Selling Author

Marg Wade

Marg grew up in the Blue Mountains NSW and came to Canberra as a young teacher. She very quickly fell in love with the city and its surrounds.

Tired of hearing so much negativity from people who didn’t understand the city, she decided to write her first book about its true character, exposing the hidden gems and ‘secrets’ within. 

That original book was titled Canberra’s Secrets and published in 1999. It was an instant success.

Due to demand, she subsequently published an updated 2nd edition and then the 3rd edition in 2018. Around 12,000 copies of these informative guide books have been sold.


Wonderful. Canberra is so much more than the tired old clichés of politicians and roundabouts.

– Alex Sloan, 2017 Canberran of the Year

Thoughts and happenings

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The end of an era

The end of an era

The Canadian flag flying on the Canadian Flagpole at Regatta Point, on Canada Day, 1 July. Today was a big day, with the felling of the Canadian Flagpole which has graced Regatta Point and the shores of Lake Burley Griffin for more than 50 years. Sadly, the...

50 years of carillon sounds ring out

50 years of carillon sounds ring out

Fifty years ago today, on a cold and windy day, Queen Elizabeth II arrived by royal barge on Aspen island, to officially open the National Carillon and accept our much-loved music icon on behalf of the Australian people. The design of the National Carillon was the...

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