Our Aim


When you take a Canberra Secrets tour, you will receive the very best of Canberra. 

philosophyCanberra Secrets tours are based on the Canberra secrets publications, and are written out of a passion for Canberra. They not only highlight the national attractions, but also reveal the ‘secrets’ behind the scenes which expose Canberra’s heart and soul.

Canberra has a unique heritage as a planned city, established specifically as the home to our federal parliament, but there is so much more than politics that makes this city tick.

Canberra has a warm, fascinating human side, which the locals know and love. It’s a wonderful place in which to live and visit. Canberra abounds with things to see and do and reveals a vibrancy and sense of fun which we will share with you! Canberra Secrets personalised tours will provide you with the quintessential Canberra experience.

Take one of our listed tours, or we will design a personalised tour tailored to your specific interests.