Terms and Conditions


  • All tours must be paid for in advance except by prior arrangement.
  • We reserve the right to cancel an advertised tour due to operational reasons or if minimum numbers are not met and every effort will be made to contact customers 24 hours prior to the tour – we will then offer a new time/date or a refund.
  • For individuals/small groups, there is no refund for tours cancelled in the last 48 hours prior to the tour.
  • For large private groups/corporate tours there is no refund on cancellations 7 days or less prior to the tour.
  • In the event of a no-show, all monies will be forfeited and any vouchers will become invalid.
  • Children less than 13 years can only attend a Family or Private Tour unless by prior arrangement.
  • Children under 18 years need to be supervised at all times by a parent/guardian.

Booking procedure/making your booking

To reserve a place on a tour individuals or small groups (usually <7 – vehicle travel or <10 – walking tours) must fully pay for the tour prior to the start time via credit card, direct deposit or Paypal, unless prior agreement has been made.

For larger groups (usually >7), private, corporate, or conference attendees a deposit is required with the balance payable from 14 days of receipt of the invoice for the balance. Your booking will not be confirmed until full payment is received or where negotiated, the deposit is received. We will confirm your booking with you in writing via email. We have a binding contract with you from the time that we receive your full payment or deposit.

We reserve the right to refuse any booking for any reason whatsoever up to the start of a tour where we do not believe that a person is suitable to attend a tour.

Paying for your tour

You must pay the full tour cost as displayed on the website or by agreement, at the time of booking, or at least 48 hours before a tour, unless by prior arrangement with Canberra Secrets.

For a group tour you must pay the balance within 14 days from the receipt of the final invoice. Payment can be made by Mastercard, Visa, Direct Debit or PayPal.

All payments must be made in Australian Dollars.

Exclusive, private/personalised tours/large groups/corporate tours will be quoted accordingly and by prior agreement. No refund on cancellations 7 days or less prior.

Where there is a conflict in pricing and inclusions of standard tours, the website is the information that takes precedence. Tour participants will be required to pay for everything else unless otherwise stated on the website or via Canberra Secrets correspondence.

Minimum numbers

The minimum number on most tours is 2 persons unless otherwise arranged/stated for particular tour. Canberra Secrets will advise those that book tours that contain less than the minimum number that they will then be offered a new time/date or a refund.

Changes to bookings by the customer

If you need to make changes to your booking after we have accepted it, we will do our best to accommodate your request. We reserve the right to refuse your request or to charge you an administrative fee at a rate necessary to cover the costs associated with your request. We will inform you of the amount of the administrative fee in such a case. To ensure any fees are kept to a minimum, please provide at least 24 hours’ notice of a change. For private groups, large groups, corporate groups, etc small changes will be attempted to be accommodated accordingly, but significant changes require a minimum of 5 days’ notice.

Changes to bookings by Canberra Secrets

Sometimes we have to make changes to your tour for reasons outside our control. We will contact you and endeavour to come to an agreement that is suitable for both parties. Options will always include giving you the option of rescheduling your tour or a full refund.

Cancellations and booking conditions

We reserve the right to cancel your booking if we do not receive the minimum number of bookings for a tour or for any other reason including force majeure. We will not cancel your tour unless it is absolutely necessary. If we cancel your booking because we do not have the minimum number of bookings, we will offer to transfer your booking to an alternative tour date or refund your payment/deposit in full. If for any reason you cancel your booking your cancellation must be via email (in writing) and the terms and conditions contained herewith apply.

In the case of walking tours, for those individuals or small groups who attend a booked tour at the allotted time at the start location and there are excessive hot or wet conditions, we will provide a full refund of the tour cost. In the case of a storm or force majeure, we will stop the tour at that point and refund the percentage of the costs based on the time into the tour.

Cancellation Policy

Depending when we receive your cancellation notice, the following scale of payment applies:

  •  For individuals/small groups, there is no refund for tours cancelled within the last 24 hours.
  •  For exclusive, private or personalised tours/large groups/corporate no refund on cancellations 7 days or less prior.
  • For exclusive, private or personalised tours/large groups/corporate a 100% refund is for booking cancelled 14 days to 7 days prior.

We strongly recommend taking out travel cancellation insurance.

Insurance (indemnity/travel)

Canberra Secrets has indemnity insurance to the value of $20 million in the unlikely event that an incident occurs on a tour. This is purely as a precaution and Canberra Secrets always manages our tours to minimise risk to our customers. Tour participants must obey the relevant laws when travelling in the Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales and should make themselves aware of these prior to arrival in these states and not to create a hazard at any time. For those travelling interstate from or overseas, we highly recommend Travel Insurance that includes trip cancellation provisions in the event of customers not being able to attend a paid tour.

Feedback / Complaints

Feedback regarding the organisation or conduct of a tour is welcomed and we appreciate you telling us on the day so any issues can be suitably addressed. We will do our utmost to provide you with an enjoyable experience however we acknowledge that given the many variables this may not always be possible.

Governing Law

You agree that this agreement is governed by and shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Australian Capital Territory, Australia. You agree that any claim arising under this agreement must be brought in the Courts in the Australian Capital Territory or in New South Wales as applicable.

Costs – suppliers only

Where Canberra Secrets incurs costs as shown by a valid booking, request, or email with a supplier, an invoice must be produced within 12 months to a payment to be made. Where invoices are not received in that time, no payment will be made unless by prior arrangement.


This website may contain information about activities which by reason of their physical exertion or the degree of physical fitness required may be unsuitable or dangerous for certain persons, or it may describe activities which are inherently dangerous. Canberra Secrets makes no representations of fact, nature, quality and suitability about any or all of the activities promoted on this site and user agrees that the user shall be responsible for first satisfying himself/herself by independent enquiry or advice as to the suitability of the particular activity.

Canberra Secrets has exercised due care and skill in preparing and compiling the information provided on this website and on all tours. Notwithstanding, Canberra Secrets disclaims all liability, including liability for negligence and for any inaccurate information, loss, damage, injury, expense or cost incurred by any person as a result of accessing, using or relying on any of the information provided on tours to the maximum extent permitted by law.

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